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Azure Services Platform : An Introduction

What is Azure Services Platform? The Azure™ Services Platform (Azure) is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, which provides an operating system and a set of developer services that can be used individually or together. Azure provides an open, standards-based and interoperable environment with support for multiple internet protocols, including HTTP, […]

Useful Javascript Frameworks : An Introduction

JavaScript is the industry standard client-side scripting language that is used in web applications.Over the past few years, there’s been a small renaissance in JavaScript as a language. A variety of projects have sprung up to build reusable JS libraries and frameworks — and at this point, a good number of them have matured and […]

An Introduction to jQuery : You shouldn’t wait to try it

jQuery is an open-source JavaScript kit for building Web applications so dynamic they jump off the page. Filled with special controls like calendars and tab folders, and special effects like wipes and fade-ins, jQuery is gaining popularity rapidly. Perhaps most important, jQuery gives you excellent support for Ajax applications. Ajax is what allows you to […]

Objective C : An Introduction

You have been hearing about C, C++, C#, but what is this Objective-C? Objective-C is a reflective, object-oriented programming language which adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. (Wikipedia) This definition is ofcourse the crux but not simple enough to understand, so lets break it into bits and piece to make it easy to […]

ASP.NET 4 : Introduction

ASP.NET is an exciting web programming technology pioneered by Microsoft that allows developers to create dynamic web pages. ASP.NET is a robust and mature technology. ASP.NET 4 was unveiled in April 2010. ASP.NET web pages are simple text files, meaning that you can create them using any text editor (such as Microsoft Notepad), but if […]

What iTunes Can Do for your iPad and you?

iTunes can do many things for you and your iPad, including the following tasks: Organize your media: It provides a way to organize your media into playlists. Load your music CDs: It lets you load up all your music CDs into iTunes, manage them with playlists, and sync them to your iPad. Buy media titles […]

The Blind Men on the Cloud

Defining cloud computing is difficult. Depending on the expert talked to, cloud computing can be defined from various perspectives. The following poem describes the problem. It was adapted by Sam Charrington, Vice President of the Product Management & Marketing for Appistry and read at the Executive Summit of the Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) conference […]

An Introduction : Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud architecture, the systems architecture of the software systems involved in the delivery of cloud computing, comprises hardware and software designed by a cloud architect who typically works for a cloud integrator. It typically involves multiple cloud components communicating with each other over application programming interfaces, usually web services. This closely resembles the UNIX philosophy […]

HTML5 Programming : An Introduction

HTML5 is based on various design principles, spelled out in the WHATWG(Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) specification, that truly embody a new vision of possibility and practicality. • Compatibility • Utility • Interoperability • Universal access The HTML5 specification is written based upon a definite Priority of Constituencies.  This means, when in doubt, the […]