Report Abuse

Is there inappropriate content or pictures on the site? To report any form of abuse activity (spam, phishing, adware etc) with respect to any TechBanaTB services : Email us at and we will address the situation promptly.  Please specify the type of abuse or infringement while submiting your complaints, i.e., Copyright violations, Trademark violations, Adult or Inappropriate Content, Hacking Related Content, Spam Violations, etc.

Please be specific in detailing the section where you would like to report an abuse complaint on the site.


1. The exact page & section where the abuse has occurred, try including the URL (web page address) as well.

2. Where on the particular page the abuse is (heading, article title, etc.)

3. What is the nature of abuse:
a. If it is a picture tell us what the picture looks like & what do you think is wrong with it.
b. If it’s bad content tell us what the content is

4. Any suggestions that you have that will help us prevent similar abuse in future

All content provided by TechBanaTB may only be used for lawful purposes. TechBanaTB takes violations of our policies very seriously. We treat all abuse reports concerning TechBanaTB extremely seriously and are dedicated to investigating the violations submitted to us.

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