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Login to your website through Facebook

In this post we will see how to login to your website using facebook id. Facebook is giving this option to developers so that users of our website can avoid multiple registrations. Steps to follow: Create a facebook application. Your app details will be displayed. Click on ‘Edit Settings’. Select ‘Web Site’ tab from left […]

How to write a perfect Web Copy?

Web copy is the facilitator, not the end product. As a result, great web copy isn’t beautifully written, detailed and complex, or breathtakingly unique.  Instead, it’s useful, functional and concise. It’s a means to an end, and because of that, anyone can do it well if they understand the basic principles. A good web copy […]

Useful Javascript Frameworks : An Introduction

JavaScript is the industry standard client-side scripting language that is used in web applications.Over the past few years, there’s been a small renaissance in JavaScript as a language. A variety of projects have sprung up to build reusable JS libraries and frameworks — and at this point, a good number of them have matured and […]

An Introduction to jQuery : You shouldn’t wait to try it

jQuery is an open-source JavaScript kit for building Web applications so dynamic they jump off the page. Filled with special controls like calendars and tab folders, and special effects like wipes and fade-ins, jQuery is gaining popularity rapidly. Perhaps most important, jQuery gives you excellent support for Ajax applications. Ajax is what allows you to […]

ASP.NET 4 : Introduction

ASP.NET is an exciting web programming technology pioneered by Microsoft that allows developers to create dynamic web pages. ASP.NET is a robust and mature technology. ASP.NET 4 was unveiled in April 2010. ASP.NET web pages are simple text files, meaning that you can create them using any text editor (such as Microsoft Notepad), but if […]

Realtime User Experience on web applications

Developers have been thinking in terms of building websites. The original web browsers were designed to load and display web pages. Now the paradigm has shifted from a website-centric model, where the website was at the center of the interaction, to a user-centric model. There have been two main ways of getting content to a […]