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Welcome to Advertising section of TechBanaTB, this page gives you a complete insight of advertising policy we follow here. Advertising is necessary to keep the site free for users. This site receives funding from advertising and related activity such as sponsorships, banner ads on our site directly or through our third-party advertising partners. Advertising is the source of substantially all of the funding for this website.

Although advertising appears on the site, our aim is to provide useful information with an editorial policy that is independent of advertising. Here we help our advertiser to get the maximum for the money they put into advertising.

TechBanaTB is growing rapidly with daily updated content. Posts on tips, tricks and tutorials which are bringing more and more traffic daily. Our content contains business relevant material such as explanation of new technology with images and productivity increasing tips.

We are interested to get advertiser who fall in the same category as this blog does. This blog is all about technology, so if you have a technology related site feel free to use this scheme for advertising. Any site out of this niche will be accepted.

How do I Get started on Advertising here?

– Email us what kind of advertising scheme you are looking forward to with complete details of yous site , your name and email. You need to give a complete detail of how long you want to run the scheme.

– Your request is verified and if you are eligible, a reply to your email is sent back.

– Depending on the scheme, you need to reply back with required images ( in case of banner ad) and payment made at the requested paypal address.

– After the receipt of payment, you ads stars running and you will receive an email which will contain the start date and end date of your chosen advertising scheme.

– When the advertising scheme expires, the ads will be removed and given to some other advertiser if you have not booked the same scheme in well advance.

AdSlot available on TechBanaTB are as follows :

* 250×250 Medium Rectangle
* 280×250 Large Rectangle
* 468×60 Banner
* 120×600 Skyscraper
* 160×600 Wide Skyscraper

Ad Requirements & Guidelines:

* Ads may not contain nudity or content that is not family safe.
* Ads in the RSS feed will be inserted after every article.
* We do not accept text links anywhere on our site.
* Ad placement locations shown in the picture are only approximate. Actual placement location can change due to editorial content length.

We are the fastest growing community, and loyalty of our readership is extremely amazing. At TechBanaTB, we have large and diversified visitor base. They are designers, developers, internet marketers, bloggers, IT entrepreneurs, etc. Every day,  we really grow more and get noticed by more new designers, developers, internet marketers, bloggers, IT entrepreneurs, etc who may be interested in your services/products to try.

Do you want to get noticed? Advertise with us and feel the difference!

Pricing details can be obtained by sending an email to

Note: This advertisement details and prices can be updated anytime and need no prior notice. If any change will occur, It will not effect for the purchased advertisement.

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