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Welcome to TechBanaTB, a place which helps you to learn, understand and become more productive using your Computer, Software, Internet and Mobile phones. This way you not only become an expert but more aware of what goes on internet on daily basis.

We write articles here in a very simple manner with examples , images and even videos so you get it right. Even if you are a normal non technical person but you will have a question “How To do this?”.

Here at TechBanaTB, we just don’t believe in just news rather we analyze, test and then write based on our experience which will helpful when you fall in similar situation.

TechBanaTB is committed to showcasing the latest news, views, reviews and interviews  around the Web, Tech, Gadget and IT news front. TechBanaTB is updated daily with the latest hot news in today’s ever changing technological landscape. We aim to deliver content that is informative, technology and user oriented.

We invite our loyal visitors to comment and interact with our authors. If you have an opinion on a product or news item let the world know! At TechBanaTB the visitors opinions are always showcased. We host several interesting discussions as we encourage our readers to be vocal and take their feedback, suggestions and analysis very seriously.

From the latest releases of the software that shapes the internet, to gadgets that are both amazing and futuristic, TechBanaTB highlights the technology that shapes the electronic world, with an emphasis on the latest and greatest gizmos, and a focus on how these devices affect our daily lives. An impressive and easy to understand website which brings you productive applications, online tools, Windows and helps you better understand how you can use your computer, mobile and internet in a right way.

TechBanaTB is committed to delivering the content you want to read about. If you have a product you’d like us to review, a story you think we should be showcasing, or some general feedback on our authors or website, let us know! You can find out more how to contact us on our contact us form.

Without drowning you in the boring numbers or over the topic technical terms, TechBanaTB offers a lighthearted insight into the news items and topics being discussed. TechBanaTB covers computer software, gadgets, how-to videos, web applications, productivity tools and social media.

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