[Guest Post] Review : CollateBox to manage Pawn Brokers/Bankers transactional data

I have been working on a pawn broker’s transactional data and was trying to manage their growing data for my client. It was getting difficult day by day to keep track of data and notifications for each transaction. I also had toaudit this ever growing data regularly to generate reports weekly. We have been using spreadsheet for this whole process. Then I came to know about CollateBox, an online spreadsheet tool for collaboration, collection and collation of growing data. Before that we were also reviewing google docs to migrate from offline spreadsheets to online spreadsheets, but found few drawbacks when dealing with notifications and inconsistencies in column management.
Collatebox - Online Spreadsheet Tool
Collatebox – Online Spreadsheet Tool
Collatebox is one of the few good online tools for small and medium size business. We found it to be placed in horizontal market space which any business can mold and use whoever is using spreadsheet for such tasks. Our use case was specific to  “pawn broker” or gold loan bankers. The first feature of CollateBox which helped us up and running quickly was Online Forms to collect data from six to ten branches spanning across the city and one centralized office, we found it to be a powerful feature of Collatebox. We used to collect data everyday and make reports out of that data. Having fields like Invoice Number, Customer name, permanent address, temporary address, date of loan, type of ornaments, number of ornaments, Each ornament weight, total ornaments weight, loan amount approved, amount given date, time, tenure, interest/month, date of next payment (interest), attachments of Id proofs, Registered/verified mobile number of the customer etc. An online sheet is created in Collatebox and share the URL of the online form to fill the customer data by the branches of the organizations, the magic happens when the master sheet (at central office) gets updated with the collected data automatically.
How CollateBox helped us migrate and why we migrated from offline spreadsheets:
  1. All kinds of clean data can be imported as required by the business
  2. Do filtering basing on the text/date/number and get the output data of the customer who need to pay the interest
  3. Do sorting or do a search to find any data of the customer in the main sheet
  4. Attach all the Id proofs of the customer against his record
  5. Use the “time field”(a data type) pertaining to the customer record to match with CCTV footage in any of the branches in case of fraud/illegal cases
  6. Reduce the auditor’s daily personal visit to collect data to do the audit at every branch (it has been made systematic of monthly/quarterly audit where CollateBox made it easy with the online form, the master user shared the sheet which is having permissions, lock, hide, filters etc to auditors)
  7. No installation/maintenance of big applications at branch offices and all controlled at single centralized office

Features looking for

  1. Though CollateBox has streamlined our process quite a bit now, but we are still exploring the features which could help us improve the performance of our process. We are looking for some features like system generated or customized SMS need to be sent to the customers Mobile number daily on a report which can be generated for that particular date which shows the list of customers who need to pay the monthly interest and the “amount cell” and “mobile number” cell need to marked as red or put tick against the check box of the exact records( by the master user) with the all the transactions details and last date for payment and payment types
  2. Once payment is done by customer at any of the branches or other flexible ways the same need to be updated by the branches till the invoice is closed by the customer after final payment settlements
  3. Locking the entire sheet or few of the rows of data (not columns) is required.
We have contacted CollateBox support to discuss these feature and best part is that they easy to reach out and they listen to their customers and take feedback seriously. Hoping the above mentioned features will be implemented soon by CollateBox.
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