Web Site SEO Check (To-Consider) List

There are a number of steps that should be taken when putting any website on the Internet. Search engines change their methods of ranking website periodically, so use these two SEO Strategies to implement it for better content, traffic and PageRank.

Onsite SEO Strategy :

1. Use good and content relevant keywords.

2. Add sufficient Text to your page.

3. Use original content for your web pages.

4. Give unique page titles to each page.

5. Each page on your site should have a unique meta description based on the pages content

6. Each page on your site should have a unique meta keywords based on the pages content

7. Keywords and keyword variations should be used frequently on the page.

8. Emphasis on keywords by giving them in h

eadings and titles

9. Be sure the first and last paragraphs on your page include your major keywords.

10. Use Alt text for images.

Offsite SEO Strategy :

1. Incoming Links through Submitting website to Directories, article submission, Press releases, link trades, one way links, submitting you website link to forums, blog comments, review sites, classified sites or using Link Bait.

2. Outgoing Links to few authority sites for determining the subject.

3. Watch your Web Site statistics for trends. This will show you what is working in your SEO efforts and what is not. Statistics can also be used to see where people go when they visit your site. If people are leaving without visiting other pages, then you may have a problem with that page.

4. Use Webmaster tools to check the health of your website.

Good SEO means keeping up with the latest trends and changes in the search engines and writing a good content which is crawl-able by search engines.

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