What iTunes Can Do for your iPad and you?

iTunes can do many things for you and your iPad, including the following tasks:

  1. Organize your media: It provides a way to organize your media into playlists.
  2. Load your music CDs: It lets you load up all your music CDs into iTunes, manage them with playlists, and sync them to your iPad.
  3. Buy media titles or download them for free: In the Media sections of the iTunes store, you can purchase or download free music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and educational content.
  4. Buy apps or download them for free: In the App Store portion of the iTunes Store, you can purchase or download free applications (apps) for your iPad.
  5. Share your media: It lets you share your purchased music library (or portions of it) across all computers in your home network.
  6. Play your media: It serves as a great media player for your computer to play all your media, including music, videos, TV shows, and podcasts.
  7. Sync media to iPad: It lets you transfer or synchronize your music, pictures, and video collections to your iPad.
  8. Organize and sync your apps: It lets you manage and sync your Apps on your iPad and arrange the app icons on your iPad’s various screens.
  9. Sync personal information to your iPad: It lets you transfer or synchronize your personal information (e.g., addresses, calendar, and notes) between your computer and your iPad.
  10. Backup and restore your iPad: It lets you back up and restore your iPad data.
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