Social Media Optimization for your online business

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a term coined by Rohit Bhargava and refers to the optimization of a website in order to make it more accessible, visible and linkable in social websites and search engines by using different methods of social media activities.

SMO involves 2 basic methods to implement;

a. Using RSS feeds, sharing butttons, social news, polls, community driven links and content, related contents, videos, images, social bookmarking.

b. Promotional activities which involves blogging, commenting on other blogs, facebook page, participating in community discussions, networking profile.

Social Media Optimization is not just related to traffic generation, but also focus on marketing, brand building, online reputation building and search engine reputation managment and knowledge management.

How to use SMO for your online business ?

1. Increase your linkability

2. Participate more in online forum discussions

3. Find your target audience

4. Create meaningful, original and specific content

5. Make SMO part of your Business Process and best practices

6. Develop a SMO strategy and implement it with fresh perspective

7. Make bookmarking and sharing easy for users

8. Optimize content for readers

9. Never use viral methods to connect with your users

10. Involve actively on social patforms

11. Join websites and networks which are relevant to your website

12. Create your social media bio

13. Explore multiple methods to reach your readers and communicate

14. Write a personalized reply to people who comment or connect with you.

15. Thank people who mention your website by writing a comment or email.

Although if you are targeting social media users, the landing pages that you are sending them too should be specifically created for them. If you are sending traffic to a generic home page, then your campaign for online business will never be successful. So one should be always careful implementing a SMO strategy.

Social Media Optimization is an aspect of Social Media Marketing and is the process of optimizing the technical infrastructure of a website so that it is well-integrated with social media.

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