How to write a perfect Web Copy?

Web copy is the facilitator, not the end product. As a result, great web copy isn’t beautifully written, detailed and complex, or breathtakingly unique.  Instead, it’s useful, functional and concise. It’s a means to an end, and because of that, anyone can do it well if they understand the basic principles.

A good web copy tends to:

  • Be clearer and more concise.
  • Use shorter sentences and paragraphs.
  • Depend less on linear reading.
  • Be a lot easier to scan, with more headings, links and bulleted lists.
  • It should also have the characteristics of good writing (in general).
  • It should meet the needs of the readers.
  • It should be written for the readers, with them in mind.
  • It should communicate in more than one way – including theory, stories and diagrams.

Website copy is the text that appears on the pages of a website. It can be used to explain, inform, persuade, or entertain – and an experienced web copywriter will use it to do all of these things at some point. What you’ll be using it for depends on your situation.
Web content needs to be more scannable than equivalent print content. You can make your content more scannable in the following ways:

  • Use a descriptive page title.
  • Include the most important information in the first paragraph, and keep the language simple.
  • Include headings and subheadings to signpost your ideas.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists instead of lists in paragraph form.

Secrets of Great Web Writing :

  • Use pull-quotes to highlight key points and add visual interest.
  • Think carefully about your links and:
  1. Link to next steps the reader is likely to want to take – or next steps you’d like them to take!
  2. Use terminology that makes sense to your readers
  3. Link appropriate words, and never use “click here” or “more”
  4. Include hyperlinks within the paragraph where possible

Before the reader does what you want them to, you’ll need to meet their needs first. In most cases you can do this by answering a crude but fundamental question every reader will have: why should I care?

Before you start to write, spend some time thinking about who will be reading your words and what they will want to gain through reading them.

The web copy you write will drastically affect the way visitors interact with your – or your client’s – website. You have the power to shape how visitors see the site, how visitors navigate it, how much visitors like it, and how effective the site is at meeting its aims. Great copy can lead to increased traffic, more leads, more subscribers, or more sales. On the other hand, bad copy can prevent a website from ever reaching its full potential. That’s why your role is so important.

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