25 Things that can change your life at Work

1. Move Up Laterally,and Even Down When Necessary

2. Keep your job upto date

3. Make more out of it than just job

4. Look out for your company

5. Tell it like it is to everyone around

6. Either you have it or you don’t, there is nothing like in-between

7. Leave the work where it belongs

8. Make a difference in each assined job

9. Take the initiative

10. Specialize in something

11. Don’t be a solo solver

12. Clients come first, even when they are not always right

13. Write down anything new immediately after you learn it

14. Be a resource collector and knowledge seeker

15. Work Smarter, not harder

16. Don’t be afraid of the tough issues

17. Recognise opportunities and act on them

18. Communicate well among the team members

19. Get involved in the constructive group

20. Respect your colleagues and create trust

21. Comfort the Demoralized Colleague

22. Lead by involving others

23. Develop the practices on your own by trial and error and Constantly renew your practices

24. No time is better spent than that spent in the service of your clients

25. Be part of multidisciplinary field

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