[Guest Post] 15 SEO questions you should ask before starting

SEO is a journey; it is not a one-time task. It is one of the pillars of Internet Marketing and every business that has a website needs to do SEO today. Most businesses that do not have an SEO consultant traditionally outsource the job to an SEO agency or ask the in-house Marketing team to take care of it.

[Guest Post] How to manage my phone contacts on the cloud efficiently?

Managing contacts on an online spreadsheet is safer than managing contacts on the device. If we apply filters on the contacts and share the sheet, the list can keep growing. The sheet can be updated without showing the other contacts by applying filters on it. Sharing can be done through a public url or a web link can be posted on any website or social media site. Think about it and try it.

How educational institutes are benefitting from online spreadsheet collaboration tools

We have been writing a lot about online spreadsheet tools after doing some research on available tools in the market. We came across an interesting use case of such tools in education domain. We talked to one of the institutes using one such product and why they switched from MS Excel to online SaaS application?

How to collaborate more efficiently using online spreadsheet tools?

In the era of big data, cloud computing and collaboration, tools which provides intuitive user-friendly user experience and a platform which suits needs of most of the businesses through a collaborative approach will change the game of current online collaboration tools.

Different Software Process Methods in Practice

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!This post is written just to introduce the different software processes in practice. Below is a list of software development process methods that are either in use or were used in past, for various types of projects in different industries. […]

Login to your website through Facebook

In this post we will see how to login to your website using facebook id. Facebook is giving this option to developers so that users of our website can avoid multiple registrations. Steps to follow: Create a facebook application. Your app details will be displayed. Click on ‘Edit Settings’. Select ‘Web Site’ tab from left […]

50 Must Have Android Apps for your Smartphone

1. Aldiko eBook 2. Little Photo 3. TuneIn Radio 4.Voice Search 5. Youtube 6. Facebook 7. Angry Birds 8. Twitter 9. Skype 10. WhatsApp 11. ZengaTV 12. Bible 13. Evernote 14. Business Insider 15. Lookout 16. LinkedIn 17. Asphalt5 18. ShopSavvy 19. WordPress 20. Foursquare 21. Astro 22. Magic Color Picker 23. Google Goggles 24. […]